Disability Accessibility Consultants


A subsidiary of the RiteBuild GROUP, maccess offers Access (Disability) Consulting Services. If you’d like a greater awareness of the accessibility or inaccessibility of your property, maccess has the specialist knowledge needed to conduct a thorough assessment and make recommendations to ensure that you meet your legal obligations.


Already supporting businesses across Perth, we reach more people in more places, providing critical support from Claremont and Nedlands to Glen Forrest and Swan View. We’re proud of our flexible approach and broad expertise, ensuring that whatever the nature of your problem, we’ll be able to develop an intelligent solution.







An experienced team

Our Principle Access Consultant is one of a small number of Australians who have completed a Diploma in Access Consulting. James has extensive knowledge and experience and has undertaken multiple access audits of existing buildings and numerous desktop assessments of proposed buildings. He has advised various councils on their requirements under the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) for existing and proposed buildings. James has also been instrumental in advising councils throughout the state on the production of Disability Action Plans (DAP).


James McLevie is also a qualified Building Surveyor and brings his Building Code knowledge, specialist access experience and a "common sense approach" to every project. His knowledge and understanding of the legislation and its intent combined with the requirements of the underlying standards and guideline means a sensible compliant solution can always be achieved.

Supporting you in more ways

RiteBuild understands that off-the-rack solutions are not suitable to every building, and will work with you and other stakeholders to develop a bespoke approach that achieves your unique goals. Start a conversation with James to find out how he could assist you.




Access audits: Inspections of buildings and public spaces to advise what actions are required to comply with standards and the intent of the DDA. 

Desktop assessments: Assessment of plans in order to deem compliance with standards and the intent of the DDA.

Access Solutions: Resolutions to access requirements that are not workable or impede a project.