Purchasing a building? Building a structure? Renovating?

things you should know;

  1. A recent audit conducted by the WA Building Commission found that not one of the buildings they inspected 100% complied with building standards.

  2. In Western Australia there are no inspections required for non-commercial buildings (houses,sheds,patios).

  3. Building Inspectors are not registered or required to have any building qualifications.

  4. RiteBuild only uses fully qualified building professionals to inspect your building.

Your house will generally be the biggest purchase in you lifetime. Imagine if you spent that much money to find it wasn't built right. I have been there. My first house had not been waterproofed in the bathrooms. All the floors and walls had to be replaced. Costly and inconvenient. If I had the knowledge I have now, employed a competent building inspector or the owner had the works inspected It would have saved me a lot of money. You cant afford to take the chance or employ unqualified persons.

If you read most building inspection reports you will find there are more exclusions than inclusions. Places they couldn't see, places they couldn't reach, termite exclusions, structural exclusions. I read some and wonder what is included. Sure they were cheap, but what did you really get? RIteBuild provides you with a comprehensive inspection and report. We can do this because of our knowledge and qualifications.





Inspections include;

New Build

Prior to a slab being poured (trench, Waterproof membrane and reinforcing inspection) or a floor is installed(floor framing inspection)  


Wall framing/masonry inspection


Roof framing inspection


Building at lock-up



Existing Home

            Structural elements of internal/external areas.

            Roof cavities


            All internal rooms.


            Leaking windows.


            Retaining walls.


            Sub-floor areas.


            Dampness and ventilation.


            Outbuildings including fences, driveways & surface drainage.