Taking on an owner builders license doesn't just give you the right to build. Owner Builders take on the same responsibilities of a licensed builder These responsibilities include complying with all building standards and  safety regulations under the Occupational Safety and Health Act.​ Obtaining permits, submitting notices and meeting other requirements of the Building Services Acts and managing and supervising the entire building project from start to finish.

RiteBuild offers specialised packages that can take you from concept to completion or can be tailor made to assist with specific parts of your project. Whatever part RiteBuild plays in your project you can be confident that it will be right.


BCA Design Compliance



Certification Services



Contract Management



Project Management



Inspection Services







Design -   Concept, Engineering, BCA Compliance Guidance, Rcode/local planning scheme advice



Council approvals - Assistance with obtaining a Development Approval (planning), septic Approval (Health), Building Permit (Building). Issuance of a  Certificate of Design Compliance



​​​Inspections - Pre-slab, wall frame/masonry, roof frame, lock-up and completion



​​Management - Assistance with Contract Management and/or Project Management


Combinations of the above - Any of these services can be provided in a "tailor made" package specific to your requirements and budget.