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What is the Difference Between a Building Inspector and a Building Certifier?

If you have plans to renovate existing or buy your new home or property, it is pivotal to have the building inspected to ensure it is in good condition and won’t require expensive, unforeseen upgrades.

However! In Perth Building Inspectors require no formal qualification or registration. Therefore! There’s a high chance you may not receive the advice or report you expect. Or the report will exclude areas from the Building Inspection. This is where, in Perth, Building Certifiers can be relied upon to provide educated, reliable and professional advice due to their qualifications and experience. Sometimes Building Certifiers and Building Inspectors work together to ensure the compliance existing buildings and of construction projects. But how do their roles differ? And how do they work together?

Building Certification.

Dealing with mainly the compliance and certification of building and construction works, after confirming all works or proposed works comply with regulations and standards set by respective governing bodies. Perth based Building Certifier Jim McLevie, founder of RiteBuild, knows the ins and outs of Building Codes, council rules and regulations, to ensure the fluidity of achieving compliance, council or construction certification for your projects.

His role incorporates a variety of different responsibilities to construction projects. As a building certifier in Perth, Jim is a key approver of project plans for new properties or renovations. Jim will often begin the process of Building Certification by inspecting the property. RiteBuild Group provide all consulting services saving the hassle of using multiple contractors.

Building Inspection.

Building inspection happens prior to purchasing, adjoining works or required compliance inspections. It is extremely important to have a property inspected to check for defects, structural problems, finish quality or often hidden details.

The responsibilities of a building inspector are to provide clients with regulatory advice following the inspection of a property. To ensure full transparency when searching for any defects associated with a property and providing industry best advice and practises.

Perth based Building Inspection company, RiteBuild, has a team of trusted industry professionals that pride themselves on their knowledge and transparency. RiteBuild boasts a list of client testimonials ensuring their ability, working within time and budget for all projects. Get in touch with RiteBuild for any of your Perth based Building Certification and Building Construction project needs.

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